About Us

With over 40 years of combined experience, Design+Build Partners has become a single-source design & build firm. We pride ourselves on remaining a smaller partnership where a principal of the firm is directly involved with each project. Quality remains the directive, and the schedule is always met. We work closely with the client to develop his or her vision into a completed project, which can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Design+Build Partners remains deeply rooted in aesthetic philosophy. As trained artists and builders, we follow a unique set of visual principles combining both form and function. Brad Lipets, Architect, not only earned his degree in architecture at Cooper Union in New York City, but he also received his BFA for Sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute. Kevin Vereecke, builder and project manager, received his Masters Degree in Photography from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, and later became a Professor of visual art in Ohio and Washington DC. What does this mean for the client? It means they can receive unparalleled design and construction for their individual needs and aesthetic tastes. Our team of formally-trained working artists can proudly offer clients this design sensibility in addition to exceptional craftsmanship. Brad combined his unique eye as an artist and architectural student completing a formal building apprenticeship in New York City. In 1991,shortly after he moved to Minneapolis, he started his own building company; Arkhitekton Ltd. Kevin began moonlighting as builder in 1993 while attending college. Later, in 1999, he was employed by a successful building company in Boston, where he received specialized training in finish carpentry and architectural restoration. Kevin has been operating in Minneapolis since 2008. Design+Build Partners came to fruition after the simple realization that by combining our unique skill sets we could provide unparalleled service for our clients. We quickly gained the momentum to become a small but truly competitive building force in the Twin Cities.

How Does this Process Work?

DesignsFor over twenty years we have worked solely on a referral basis. This means that people who know our work recommend our firm to others. After contacting us, we will schedule a complimentary meeting in your home to discuss your ideas, and assess feasibility. We will then work on initial design sketches and a preliminary proposal to be discussed on our return visit.
If you choose to work with us, we will then move into the formal design and development phase. This work is billed at an hourly rate, and a retainer agreement is made to initiate the process. The design phase may be as simple as developing a design and layout for a bath or kitchen with elevations and plan details, or as involved as the design of an entire home from the ground up.We will consult and advise you in developing a scope of work, budget, and schedule. The preliminary design drawings that we will prepare will include floor plans which will describe the design and construction process. The intent of these drawings will be to illustrate the design concepts. Based on your comments and recommendations, we may revise the preliminary design drawings for your approval. These drawings will be accompanied by cost and schedule analysis. We will consult and advise you in developing a scope of work, budget, and schedule. The preliminary dOnce this phase is complete, you are not obligated to do the project with us, yet over the years most clients have chosen to do so. For construction, we prepare building permit documents, and construction drawings. Our team will always work closely with you to insure a successful outcome, on time and on budget.